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 Need advice on Dwarves! Help!

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PostSubject: Need advice on Dwarves! Help!   Mon 20 Apr 2009 - 20:02

I've gotten my hands on some sweet Rackham Dwarves, as those of you who've read my introduction may know, but they're kind of a change from the Skaven I'm so accustomed to playing. I've got a couple of specific questions, but any general tips are very much appreciated as well.

First off: Handguns for Thunderers? Is this a viable option? In my campaign we've altered the rules for armor, so it will see some use. Blackpowder weapons are being used with the misfire rules and 20% cost reduction, but they still fire every other turn and have significantly shorter range than crossbows.

Secondly, what are your thoughts on nets for say, my Slayers? They seem fun for the off chance that you actually catch somebody in one. Nets don't see the light of day much, and in the case of Dwarves it seems like they might have a useful purpose.

My initial idea for a starting warband look something like this:

Noble @ 180gc
-Gromril Armor
-Dwarf Axe

Engineer @ 81gc
-Hammer & free dagger

Slayers x2 @ 130gc
-Double Handed Weapons

Beardlings x3 @ 99gc

Total: 493

Alternatively two of the beardlings could be exchanged for a Thunderer with a crossbow. The gromril armor could also be dropped for a more even distribution of equips, I just thought it would be fun to start off with an absurd armor save.
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PostSubject: Re: Need advice on Dwarves! Help!   Mon 20 Apr 2009 - 23:46

There are a couple good Dwarf tactics articles on Archive Pestilen in the Mordheim section (although the frames are a bit awkward to navigate). I would highly recommend reading them (one I found much more useful than the other, but I forget which is which).

First off, unless you have special house rules, crossbows are far superior to hand guns. With your limited movement, the ability to shoot in consecutive turns is key as well as the 36 inch range.

If you want your 5th and 6th heroes to have the ability to shoot, start with some thunderers so that they get chances at promotion after your second game.

From what I've seen, dwarves have trouble with funds early on, so spending 10 gold a game on nets doesn't sound too appealing to me. However, it is true that they don't see much play and it would be a lot of fun to use them.

Clansmen cost 15 extra gold for 1 weapon skill and 1 leadership, which are (in my opinion) the least useful stats for dwarves. Replacing dwarf losses are notoriously costly, so I'd just hire thunderers and beardlings at least until you reach max warband size. Having identical stats, thunderers can melee just as well as clansmen too.

Oh, and a T5 dwarf with resilient is a lot of fun. Throw some armor on him and watch him wade through most attacks.
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Need advice on Dwarves! Help!
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