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 Looking for a few 40k ork boyz stuff

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PostSubject: Looking for a few 40k ork boyz stuff   Wed 25 Mar 2009 - 5:13

Hi all! Been browsing on the net for quite some time now.. but am not able to find these pieces so i give this a whirl thumbsup

I want to play some warhammer 40k and i selected orks. I did already have a box laying around here, but since the new codex things have changed..

To complete 1 regiment of 20 ork boyz i need:

2 boyz with shootas
2 boyz with big shootas.

Stikkbombs 20x

Maybe some spare parts to make a nob, or 1 boy with shoota less and 1 nob with shoota instead. or some bits for a bosspole / heavy armour thing.

I'm also looking for a warboss,

I don't have any models up for trade but i hope it's ok to pay for them.
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Looking for a few 40k ork boyz stuff
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