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 Rules for 4'x3' table

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PostSubject: Rules for 4'x3' table   Fri 6 Mar 2009 - 9:18

Hi! I've been reading the forum for some time and decided its time to give something back. Hope this helps someone Wink


Playing on a 4'x3' table

So, occasionally you might find yourself playing on a smaller table than the standard 4x4. You might be demoing the game to a potential player for your campaign or the 4x4 table might be taken for another game of Mordheim. No worries, you can as easily play on a 4x3 kitchen table (as most of you should be aware). Here are some tried and tested rules for these "kitchen table" games:

Standard deployment zones for 4x3 table:


(In case the pic is unavailable: Divide table into 4 quarters. Then split the quarter into half again so that it forms a triangle that has for short sides the table edges.)

The image assumes 120cm x 75cm table. On a 120cm x 80cm table the distance between deployment zones would be 26,2" (66,6cm) and deployment zone border lenght 28,4" (72,1cm). This smaller than usual table does favour some bands a bit more. Since there is a bit less room to manouver around buildings, we usually disallow deploying any higher than ground floor.

Scenarios that work:
(all assume altered deployment zones as described above)

Skirmish: no modification required
Chance Encounter: Defender's table edge means the the short sides of the deployment zone.
Defend the find: Attacker deploys anywhere more than 15" away from defending models (though not in
the defenders deployment zone).

We also have designed 4 other scenarios specifically for this table. If you are interested I can post them here too (they're written in finnish so posting them requires some translating).

Starting the game -house rule
Also: IIRC many scenarios specify that the player with lower rating starts the game. I'd recommend rolling dice for who goes first: either lower rating wins ties (thus starting 58,3% of games) or that lower rating gets +1 and wins ties (72,2%). You might want to give an underdog the advantage of 1st turn but often the warbands are almost equally good. This rule evens it up.


So! Any comments? Wink

-Touko / Squirreli
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for 4'x3' table   Fri 13 Mar 2009 - 4:02

I play at roughly this size at home, though I still use the normal deployment method without any real problem. The games get quite intense ofcourse, but I kind of like it that way... also I don't find any problems applying any of the scenarios on my tabletop!

I find it interesting that you have developed this new deployment method, though frankly I don't find it necessary.
Though for the chance encounter scenario I guess it would be quite convenient, since you start in opposite corners...
- Popmouth
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for 4'x3' table   Fri 13 Mar 2009 - 6:27

the smaller table could be played just like normal. All it does is make the game smuch more close range from the word go.

As for scenarios all the usual should still work. and deployment could easily be done wiht your method if you want to make a cut out triangle to plac ein the corner so everyone can use it.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules for 4'x3' table   

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Rules for 4'x3' table
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