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 [BTB] Horrors of the underground

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Cian Shieldbiter

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PostSubject: [BTB] Horrors of the underground   Thu 19 Feb 2009 - 8:10

We played this scenario last night in spite of playing it 1 on 1 in our last session, this time however we played it as a 3 way useing advanced hero quest corridor sections. The only difference apart from the really narrow corridors was that we had to add a straight section in between each junction (T or +). (Start up map was a little longer too)
I have a question .... do giant spiders and rats count as an enemy OOA for experience gains ? We presumed/ reasoned that they did and let me tell you my norse who started off in the tunnels wreaked havoc and got loads of xp, they even took on the wyrm and wounded it, unfortunatly when the ogre warband found the egg and tried to escape with it it OOA'd the leader and a hench man and they routed (shame).

Mr Shieldbiter
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PostSubject: Re: [BTB] Horrors of the underground   Thu 19 Feb 2009 - 8:36

Sure, non-player creatures add experience just like normal enemy models. That's why it is adversable to have not only henchmen do the exploration, because while that may be handy when running into the Wyrm you really want to save some of the easier kills for the Heroes (since Henchmen don't ever get XP for taking enemies ooa).

This is the same with all enemy models, not only those from this scenario. If you encounter creatures through other ways (random happening e.g.) then they will also provide XP to warband Heroes.

Note that you don't get an XP for wounding (ie fighting off) the wyrm since you don't take it out of action.
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[BTB] Horrors of the underground
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