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 Have: Mord, Necro. Want: Mord, Necro

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PostSubject: Have: Mord, Necro. Want: Mord, Necro   Tue 17 Feb 2009 - 11:18

Hi, I'm looking to trade both Mordheim/Fantasy and Necromunda figures. Due to expensive overseas shipping, I prefer to trade within the U.S. Here's what I have to trade (all are metal, either in blister, loose or assembled but unprimed and in good condition -- none have had a drop of paint):


Reiklander Captain w/heavy armor and pistol (blister)


Dwarf Troll Slayer w/axe (loose)

Skaven Clan Skryre Warlock w/skull, sword and back banner (blister)

Skaven Grey Seer Thanquol (blister)

Skaven Assassins (x2, blister)

Skaven Warlord w/sword and back banner (blister)

Skaven Screaming Bell (special scenario?) (boxed) http://www.solegends.com/citcat94/cat1994036-01.htm

Wood Elf Ranger w/hooded cloak and bow (loose)

Wood Elf Sorceress w/staff and sword (custom hired sword?) (blister)

Wood Elf Skaw the Falconer (custom dramatis persona?) (blister)


Goliath Leader w/grenade launcher and chainsword (assembled)

Scavvy Boss w/shotgun and autopistol (assembled)

Delaque Leader w/boltgun and stubgun (assembled)

Van Saar Leader w/chainsword and plasma pistol (loose)

Ratskin Shaman w/shotgun (loose)

Ratskin w/musket (x2, loose)

Ratskin Braves w/musket (x4, loose)

Mad Donna (assembled)


Here's what I'm looking for (metal, no paint, good shape):



Reiklander Champions

Marienburger Captain w/2 pistols

Marienburger Champion w/flail and pegleg

Bertha Bestraufrung

Aenur Sword of Twilight



Halfling Scout



Delaque Leader w/power axe and boltgun

Delaque Juve w/2 stub guns

Van Saar Ganger w/boltgun

Van Saar Heavy w/heavy plasma gun

Scavvy Boss w/sword and autopistol

Ratskin Chief w/autogun

Ratskin w/autogun

Pit Slaves
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Have: Mord, Necro. Want: Mord, Necro
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