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 H:Ye olde STC paraphanelia! W:$

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PostSubject: H:Ye olde STC paraphanelia! W:$   Sat 14 Feb 2009 - 10:33

In an attempt to free up some more zombie space in my bookshelves Im looking at
getting rid of my olde rhinos.
There might be some olde Predators and vindicators in the lot as well
15 all in all in ultramarine and blood angel chapter colours.
retail back then was 15-isch so a fiver a pop might be deemed fair?

The old SM commandsquad
and a couple of kharn the betrayers (not sure about the heads though)
1 a piece?

Also have an almost never ending supply of shamefully poorly painted tactical squads,
great for hacking apart or even simple touch ups for tabletop quality depending on how old they are.
10 for 5?
Bikes a plenty 2.50 on them perhaps?

White dwarfs from the gorkamorka release up until they turned 80% LOTR, varying state on those.
A 1 a piece

I Accept paypal and I'll send overseas (although youll have to pay for the shipping yourself. tongue )

All trade proposals/suggestions are welcome, at the moment I'm on the hunt for sprues or boxes of:

Empire State troops and handgunners, plague monks, ungors and ogres NIB

Pics will come as soon as I find some batteries.
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H:Ye olde STC paraphanelia! W:$
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