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 Ippan Shu and Monks

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PostSubject: Ippan Shu and Monks   Sat 31 Jan 2009 - 0:50

Due to the "Outsiders" rules the monks can not hire Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae.

In the rules, it says that Monks can hire Pyromaniacs and Swordsmiths. But it makes sense that they should be able to hire Ippan Shu and maybe even the Cathanan Merchent.

What do you guys think? Am I am being to literal?


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PostSubject: Re: Ippan Shu and Monks   Sat 31 Jan 2009 - 2:11

No, you are perfectly right. Actually Ippan and the Merchant were always meant to be hirable for the Battle Monks (same with the Ninja HS). This is an oversight. I will adjust the relevant "May be Hired" sections accordingly. Thanks for spotting this.
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Ippan Shu and Monks
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