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 Rope & Hook and charging?

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PostSubject: Rope & Hook and charging?   Sat 27 Dec 2008 - 0:00

Can you use a rope and hook while charging? What about diving charges? Any diffirence when charging up or charging down?
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PostSubject: Re: Rope & Hook and charging?   Sat 27 Dec 2008 - 6:44

Quote :
Living rulebook
rope & hook
A warrior using a rope & hook will find it much
easier to move amongst the ruins of Mordheim.
A warrior equipped with a rope & hook may re-roll
failed Initiative tests when climbing up and down.

diving charge
You may charge any enemy troops that are below a
balcony or overhang, etc, that your model is on. If an
enemy model is within 2" of the place where your
warrior lands, he may make a diving charge against it.
Take an Initiative test for each full 2" of height your
model jumped down from, up to a maximum of 6",
like a normal jump. If he fails any of them, your model
has fallen and suffers damage, may not move any
more during the movement phase and cannot charge
the enemy. If he succeeds, the model gains a +1
Strength bonus and +1 to hit bonus but only during
the following hand-to-hand combat phase.

Ok so to answer your questions:

Can you use a rope and hook while charging?
Yes, If you have to climb up or down to charge a model, I'd say yes.

What about diving charges?
No, Rope and hook clearly says "climb" and diving charge says "jump". so you can't.

I hope this helps

Very Happy
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Rope & Hook and charging?
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